My eye hurts after getting soap surrounded by it. EMERGENCY!?

I shave with dove soap and a razor. so i got soap adjectives over my hands and i rinsed in the shower and the soapy water drops go into my eye. it has been 15 min. and the corner of my eye still hurts. can someone tell me what to do to receive rid of the pain. Thank you and god bless.
flash your eye underneath running cold water for 10-15 mins. it should get rid of the soaps in your eye.

front portion of your eye regenerate fast. but if your eye still feel pain after sometime, go to see your optometrist.
i get this all the time next to my contacts and it hurt i can feel your pain. get a cup and swarm it to the top with cold water keep the sea running and dunk your eye in it and blink next get a broadsheet towel and rub the corner of the inside with it make sure its wet and do it calmly. next put some eye drops if you don't have any just close your eyes and step to sleep and when you wake up in 15 or 10 mins it will go away.
Rinse your eye out with some cool water. It's self-conscious, but it will get the irritants out.
just flush ur eyes out with marine until it stops hurting or u think ur fine.

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