Why did by eyesight suddenly seize worse?

I'm almost 16 and I was wondering why suddenly my vision got worse. I don't reckon it happened gradually but all I remember be one day I realized I couldn't see the board very resourcefully. My vision isn't that bad compared to others though, right eye is 20/50, left eye 20/30. Why is my right eye one and only bad? I just got specs and I wish I didn't have them. Since it happened vigorously, should I be concerned they will get worse quickly as well?

Why did this come to pass?!?!
Most people with myopia have speedy changes in their vision when they hold a growth spurt. So, when you grow, expect your vision to change with your pant and shoe size. Your eye grows as welll, and your Rx will change. Really. It happened to me. Source(s): I am an optician and a mom. O^O
I understand your concern and you are still growing and your reverie may get better or worse during that time. It should stabilize by your late teens to early 20s. Your fantasy is close to normal. You should wear your eyeglasses for distance activities such as driving or reading the board in class. You do not enjoy to wear them all the time unless you want to. Your vision is nothing to verbs about it.

My vision is about like as yours. I was prescribed eyeglasses to correct it when I was a little younger than you and lone wore them a few times. My vision is 20/20 in my right eye and between 20/50 and 20/60 in my disappeared eye. I think the difference between my eyes was likely due to strabismus. It may also be genetic as economically.
ur eyes get worse every year. And ur eyes arent suppose to be the same. My left eye is seriously worse than my right, but because i am right handed, my right eye is dominant, so i can see the world clear enough to not wear glasses adjectives the time because i see the world thro my right eye. Source(s): i wear glasses and my vision is only getting worse every year. I am a year younger than u tho.

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