Freshlook Colorblends vs Acuvue 2 Colors?

i have dark brown eyes, and i'm interested in blue color contacts. the freshlook colorblends are dazzling! and i think they look very natural. my complaint is that the pupil diameter is too cavernous and shows some of my natural brown color around the pupil, which i think looks bizarre up close (farther away you cannot tell).

the acuvue cover all the brown and are somewhat easier to put in/take out, except i'm smaller amount thrilled with the color.

which would you choose- contact A with the great color from a few feet away but up close you can category of see the natural color, or contact B that covers all the natural color, but near a less than great color blue?
I think it would be cool to have superb blue eyes and then a brown circle around your iris. It looks more interesting than normal eye colour. It's super attractive to have bright, interesting eyes so turn with the pretty shade of blue.

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