What Would Happen If You Squeeze Lemon surrounded by Your Eye?

If you were to take a lemon and squeeze some juice within your eye, would it turn red? Also, is it unsafe? My friend wants to have a fake pink eye for a video we're making for arts school... :)
no u will die. haha no im kinding!
Tell em not to. It is much safer for her to visit an Eye doctor. Try contacts It's cool and you will feel much better going on for this whole situation. You can do It a safe way :)
I'm not going to lie to you, if you get lemon juice surrounded by your eye it WILL hurt like a a huge motha effin bettch. Haha, one day my boyfriend and I were cooking at his house for fun and somehow we BOTH get lemon in our eye, it wasn't a lot but it started to sting like (a)#$%! Haha, I remember he scream like a little girl and wanted me to hug him (just for the sake of hugging him, aww) and I still rib him about it.

Please, don't do it. (:
It wil hurt alot and something might go wrong in your eyes. DON'T DO IT!
it will hurt really really impossible and it can do serious damage to your retina and corneas so i advise you dont put lemon juice surrounded by your eyes

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