Welders burn on your eyes ,cut potato within partly lay on eye it sucks the burn out true or false?

True. Chop the potato up and put it into a scarf , keep it on the eyes. I don`t care if you have fifty years contained by optometry, a
poultice does help and relieve the pain. For more severe flash arc burns, an ointment is used . Need to enjoy some welders answer on here. I know what I`m talking about
as I`ve used it numerous times. Stick to prescribing glasses
and don`t try to be a doctor.
Far better to go to the emergency room and get a tube of ointment and hold it put in the eyes. My mother was an optometrist in West Virginia and I remember coal miners used to bring hit with an arc when people welded contained by the mines, and would put potatoes in the eyes, Mom would drive to their houses and take them to the ER where they could prescribe analgesic cream for the burns. For a really bad burn of the sclera, potatoes just do not help.
Anything cold, a potato, wet washcloth, blue gel freezer mask will help relieve the distress. As would a good NSAID like ibuprofen.

It won't help treat the corneal injury, he anterior segment inflammation or protect against infection secondary to the corneal epithelium damage. Severe burns need medical treatment.

Nothing "sucks out the burn". The burn and the impairment remain. Source(s): I'm an optometrist

Welders flash is a low horizontal inflammation of interior structures of your eye - putting something on the outside won't make any difference. Source(s): 10 years in optometry.

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