My right eye is red and it doesn't hurt/itch/burn. Why?

My right eye has been red since morning. I wear contact lens and I do NOT remember if it was red previously i put it on. It's now at night, and I've only worn for 8 hours. The red is not impressively like RED RED RED it's like very pallid, it doesn't look bad at all, it's just I don't know.. red? lol. I doesn't irritate me, it doesn't hurt, burn, itch or anything. If i don't lookm surrounded by the mirror, I wouldn't even know that it's red. I have no problems opening or closing my eyes, it doesnt tear or anything..

I've taken out my contacts and put so drops, but... nothing's going on (it's been like 15 minutes since I did tht)
have impossible to tell apart problem sometimes. dont worry. it goes away.
It could be a small bacteria infection. I would lift the lenses out and wear your glasses for a day or so. It can also be the start of pink eye, so wash your hand a lot.
I hope this helps and it gets better soon.

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