Why does eye color, fade and take dull beside age?

My mom used to have a sparkling, bright, blue eyes. I've seen pictures of her when she was roughly my age, and they were stunning. Now, they have just faded so much. It's in recent times a dull grey color now. Has anyone else ever noticed this?
Because of age.
it's like anything else in life looks fade,pelt get gray,face get wrinkles,eye color get dull with age that's just a part of existence nothing stays the same.
Most things do, lol.
My mom said its because of having kids...
The simple answer is toxins. As we age, we produce less and smaller quantity stomach acid and this causes more toxins to be produced as a result. If you will notice, plaque build up on teeth increase near age as well and this is due to the lack of good stomach acerbic. Old people essentially are starving to death as they age. Eating biddable quality food does no one any good if they are not digesting all right. The study of iridology has demonstrated that you can look at a person's eyes and learn about the condition of their colon and other organs.

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