Are BC 8.4 and BC 8.3 contacts a big difference?

I ordered some colored contacts online a few days ago, and i just noticed in the confirmation e-mail they sent me, that the BC be 8.3 . Ive always worn contacts with a base curve of 8.4 soo i cancelled my demand and went back to the website to place a new charge. But then i noticed the only option they have were BC 8.3 and BC 8.7. i REALLY like the color of these contacts, soo i still want them, but im only just worried that the size might be too off for me to wear, so i wanna noe if they are a big difference.... are they ?
Most likely if 8.4 fits, 8.3 will be OK. If you live in the US, it is criminal for anyone to provide you with contacts unless you have a current prescription including brand, power, base curve and diameter. You shouldn't be capable of make this change on your own. Source(s): Optometrist
The difference in radius of curvature would be .1 mm. Source(s): Optometrist

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