Are my brown eyes going to turn green?

Hi. Im a 15 years old and i recently noticed that surrounded by some lights my brown eyes have some green in the back. my mom have blue eyes and my dad has brown eyes. My friend was looking at my eyes and said that the same piece happened to her and that they were probly going to turn green or hazel. is this true?? Thanks alot :)
nope.,. brown stay brown

i get green eyes and mine change colour though; usually orange, blue or hazel
In different light your eyes seem different colors, they will redeploy color as you age but always the light will make them come across like different colors..also..the color of makeup worn around the eyes (for girls) make them seem different..when I wear black eyeliner, my eyes are grey..but when I wear blue eyeliner, or purple eyeshadow, my eyes are adjectives green..
I think u own hazel eyes which look different in some pics and when u wear certain colors. My opinion strickly.

Hope i helped.
Yes its possible . But its not permanent . Sometimes it only happens when something happen . like when you cry . it depends on the mood your in . Source(s): My eyes are brown and turn green when its sunny
It's possible. My eyes are sometimes green too.
Im 15 too.

I asked my classmate to stand 3 meters away from me and tell me the color of my eyes.
she said black.

presently 1 meter away
she said dark blue.

now face to facade like 5 inches away
she said dark brown

now I go outside under the sun
and repeated the '5 inches away'
she said light brown with a black center and blue outlines or the circle
and misty brown lines

dont go for green.

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