My eyes hurt when I look at the computer too long, but my charge is looking at the computer?

Any advice? I am literally staring at my computer for 10 hours a day. My vision go blurry and I get headaches and my eyes just slaughter me, any tips on what I can do?
Take frequent breaks
Make sure your computer is at lowest an arm's length away from your body
Put a UV screen on your computer to protect your eyes. If you are using eyeglasses, ask the optical shop to have your lenses coated beside double UV protection. They are really a great help for people who use computers for many hours.
try sunglasses!! :?)
-sincerely AfroGirl
is a web site devoted to your problem with tips on how to overcome the eyestrain from computer use.
go see ur eyes doctor
try rubbing the tips of your fingertips on your eyes in a circular motion or try using some eye drops.
Think about switching jobs, this will damage your eyes. Make sure you enjoy good light to work in. Every hour at the tiniest, take a few minutes for a break from staring at the screen. Go outside, close your eyes, and do some simple eye exercises like palming. Palming is when you rub your hand together, and then just put them on your eyes. It rests them. When you go home, put a cold gel eye-patch type point on. This greatly helps. Taking frequent breaks and working in good muted will do wonders.
I hope this helped!
o Wear sunglasses

o Lower your screen brightness
It sounds very much as if you want to get some glasses. An optometrist can help you find the right lenses for viewing the computer peak (which is different than regular reading glasses, due to the distance).
They craft these dark screens you attach to your monitor and it blocks out some of the light so it doesn't hurt your eyes. You can also try adjust the contrast on your screen to make it a little dark.

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