Contact lenses blurry when you first gain them?

I just got contacts for the first time pretty much in my energy (i tried them when i was younger). I have astigatism in both eyes but my Left one is pretty clear if in recent times alil hazy. However, the right one is kinda messed up, but if i move it alittle bit i can see alot better. The problem is i have to move it like every 30 second or itll go kinda blurry again. Is this normal? Will they eventually adjust or should i go subsidise to my doctor with the trial pair and get contemporary ones?
i remember wen i first got my contacts
they be a bit blurry.. i though somethign was wrong with them
but u have ot procure used to them for a bit
its nothign to worry about
i jsut get contacts today too! yea it was blurry for me as well. i think its lately bcuz your eyes need to adjust to them and also bcuz the solution kinda make it blurry for a bit until some of it drys up. if it still continues after a day or two after try calling your doctor and ask or wait til you go back to instruct new ones. i have my trial pair at the moment too. i hold to go back in two days so i can demenstrate to my doctor that i can pilfer out my contacts and put them in. then i get my material ones. i hope this helped! =)
mabey ur eyes are dry n getting some eye drops might help. happen to me to. dont worry, its fine.
They shouldn't be blurry. I would check beside your doctor. If you have allergies that sometimes causes contacts to be blurry and you can buy drops for that.
That shouldn't happen but maybe the contact doesn't fit your eye so you own to constantly move your eye for it to rotate back to the correct position. Can you feel it moving in your eye?
Adjusting to contacts takes time. If they are still bothering you after a week or so consequently I would go back.
Perhaps it is your prescription and the measurements or strength are not right for your eye. You may also have the lens in the wrong eye or in backwards. I enjoy done this before, since both my eyes are not too much different in strength I only can put in the picture when I go to read or watch tv. Same with the lens individual backwards (flipped the wrong way), but this is more obvious when you put it in , things are blurry and seem resembling you are looking through a peep hole almost. Maybe that is what you have done. Try taking the lens out and flipping it the divergent way if that makes sense. Make sure you do the regular procedure when you do this like rinsing and stuff. Source(s): contact wearer for 17 years

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