Is it ok to wear eye makeup to eye exam!?

I have school right after it so I was purely going to do my makeup and go to the exam and then go to academy.......i wear eyeliner and mascara.....will this be ok!?
sure, you can wear it, but no promises that it wont be smudged or gone by the time you leave

then again, it could be perfectly fine.

if you're that worried something like it, wait to put it on in the car afterwards. that instrument you wont be worried about it smudging or coming off. Source(s): optician/cl tech
I have always worn eye make up to the eye doctor predominantly because I wasn't thinking, well except when I had my lasik surgery and your not allowed to wear get up for like 4 days. I would recommend putting it on after your exam is over. They will put drops in your eyes and that will usually wash away any build up so then you end up with raccoon eyes. I would suggest holding past its sell-by date on the make up and then put it on after the exam so you can still look nice for school. Also remember they will probably dilate your eyes, so remember sunglasses!! Well, I wore eyeliner to my ending eye exam to get contact lens, and it was fine. I'm pretty sure its fine, but remember, you would have to press your eyes against equipments and stuff during eye exams. So, hang on to in mind that your eye makeup might get smudged. If you're okay with that, later it's fine =] Source(s): my experience
You can wear make-up, I see it everyday.

Unless you are getting contacts that day then it shouldn't be a problem. It is not even required that you don't wear trademark up to a contact lens training, its your choice.

In our office, we do not routine dilate peoples eyes (the drops) and if you are going to school afterwards they most likely would not want to dilate you that daytime anyway. The yellow stuff someone mentioned is a dye they put in your eye to check your tear show and check for dry eye. If you aren't having a problem with that then they most expected will not even do that test. The "poof" test is just nouns blowing against your eye to check the pressure. Nothing ever touches your eye unless they need to use a tonometer which will touch your eye, but that is only done if your pressures are out of whack or you are not sufficiently expert to do the poof test (called NCT - noncontact tonometer, the name says it adjectives lol).

You're fine :) Source(s): Paraoptometric Technician
Well...They will most likely put eyedrops contained by your eye and put yellow stuff that gets all over to trial for pressure, so I would suggest put the eye makeup on the way to school if you could, haha I'm a guy so I don't know too much about this kinda article yh probalyyy
just go to ur eye exam and then after its over jump to their restroom...and put ur make up on there.....duhhh

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