Eye lance [procedure] for chalazion/stye?

Who has had their eye lanced? can you communicate me how quick it was and how painful it be? I am thinking of getting this done..

Thank you in advance.
I haven't had it done but I can assistance you with your question. The procedure to which you refer involves 1) injecting the area of the chalazion next to an anesthetic. 2) Opening the body of the chalazion with a scalpel 3) Removing the contents of the chalazion with a special tool designed just for this 4) Generally a topical antibiotic is used until the incision site heal.

As far as how long it takes. I would say under 15 minutes from start to finish. The singular thing that will cause any discomfort is the injection and this won't be bad nor will it be feel for very long. There will be some post op tenderness but this should be minimal. Source(s): Me. I am an optometric physician.
it is just an OPD procedure which take only 10 to 15 minutes. First a local anesthetic injection is given near the site of chalazion in the lid. Now this is the only little discomforting step.As the anesthesia sets in you will feel nought.
The lid will be everted by using a clamp which encircles the chalazion which is fixed in its position. A very small incision is made at the basis of the chalazion perpendicular to the lid margin and all the things is scooped out with chalazion scoop. The site is cleaned properly and the clamp is released. The eye is patched for few hours.
Some antibiotic eye drops are prescribed for 5 days.
As lids are significantly vascular (rich in blood supply) bleeding occurs which is not to fear.
Go ahead. It is totally simple and quick! take care I have this procedure done a couple of years ago. They do not actually lance your eye, they lance underneath the eyelid. First, the doctor puts drops contained by your eyes. Second, they inject the eyelid with a local anesthesia. After that, they use an optical speculum to hold your eyelid away from the orbital socket and flip it inside out. The area is lanced.
You will enjoy some minor bleeding and vision impairment. Other then that, it is a swift recovery.
Best Wishes!

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