Do they put you to sleep during eye surgery?

I'm having eye surgery on Feb 12. I'm kind of worried and nervous, so.. do they put you to sleep during eye surgery?
What kind of surgery?
I had lasik not too long ago and I was yawning awake and could see that they were doing something to my eyes... it was a little unnatural but I didn't feel anything. nope they have you wide awake and your not permitted to blink for 30 minutes or more. also they dont use anesthetics and pain killers so you will feel every movement
I had cornea transplants contained by both eyes (five years apart) The first one they gave me a local and I fell asleep the second they completely put me under with breathing tube and everything.
ask the doctor on your subsequent visit or just call him. I don't know what your doctors procedures are of what type of surgery your have so I can only tell you what they did for me. Good luck may you have a speedily and painless recovery well it depends on what type of eye surgery you are having.
simple lasik corrective surgery after you are fully awake.

for something like glaucoma surgery they would sedate you but not put you fully to sleep.
also for cataract surgeries they usually just impart you sedation.

retinal detachment surgery they will put you fully to sleep.
what kind of eye surgery are you having?

what type of anesthesia they use all depends on the lenient though.
last time i had a retinal detachment surgery they just sedated me. i wasn't elated.

i've had eye problems my entire life and have have 6 eye surgeries. some with sedation and some i was put fully to sleep.

lazy eye doesn't generate you go blind so don't worry about that.
i believe for that type of surgery they would any just numb your eye and you would be awake or they would give you sedation but they wouldn't put you fully to sleep. I have hear that the optician do his surgery with the patient wide awake, I guess depending on what type of surgery. Ask him.
It depends on the surgery and also your age. I have retinal detachment repairs and cataract surgeries and general anesthesia was used all seven times. You are asleep and don't quality or remember anything.

However, they did say most of the time the surgeries I had a local anesthetic could have be used but in younger patients who are more anxious it is safer to put them to sleep. If you are awake you have to remain completely still however they will numb you locally and you will NOT feel it.

What category of eye surgery are you having? Good luck! Source(s): me myself and I .... seven surgeries later

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