Tiny piece of contact lens get stuck within my eye?

My eyes got irritated after I put my contacts in and when I took it out I saw a small piece of contact lens inside my eye and I cant take it out because it is so small.
What should I do? I'm upset its gonna dry up and something might happen to my eye.
Flush your eye out with saline or your multipurpose contact lens solution. The piece stuck in your eye won't dry out because your tears will keep hold of it hydrated. You can also have someone help you get it out. Just remember to wipe your hands!

If you can't get it out on your own, call your eye doctor. Source(s): 4 years as an ophthalmic medical assistant / optician / contact lens technician
Eye flush. If you can do it next to your regular bottle by pouring it over the eye, you can purchase and eye wash at any local drug store or Walmart may also have them. It will be fine. No doubt it wikk wash itself out during the darkness into the corner of your eye, but in the meantime you can try the eye wash if it is bothering you. You need to walk to your Optometrist, they will need to remove it for you before it embeds itself within your eye and causes a serious infection
Call the eye doctor, its not real surgery. He'll probably use eye drops and then a moment or two tool or something to get it out. Don't worry, nobodys going to take your eye out. It will work itself out of the eye readily, i wouldn't worry so much...