Can I bring my own frames to the optometrist/optician?

I recently bought some very cheap designer glasses from ebay (most plausible fake! But I don't really care, they look nice and are cheap), and I now stipulation to put some prescription lenses into them. Would an optometrist/optician be able to fit them with prescription lenses? And if so, would they be willing to? I've tried to do some research on the internet and adjectives I can find out that most places are too stuck up and won't do it. The ones that are able and willing aren't based within Sydney (nor Australia for that matter).

Would someone out there be able to answer my question? Or enjoy I spent money on useless frames?
Any optometrist should be able to fit lenses into your own frames.The may charge a fitting fee as well as the cost of the lenses.
In the UK here are many online opticians who will supply you with lenses to your own frame.You need to dispatch them your frame and your prescription.
Optician(retired) Sure, take them to any optician, and if the frame is of optical quality, they will do it.

I do it all the time. Source(s): Optician

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