Are my eyes Green or Hazel?

A lot of people say my eyes are just green while some right to be heard my eyes are Hazel i'm really confused i have grown up thinking my eyes are Hazel & now i'm getting so many comments on my "Green" eyes i'm don't know if they enjoy changed

I finally found a pic on the net that is exactly like my eyes except this pic is abundantly brighter of course i even have the dark rim i usually can't find a pic incentive they're all really light not dark. i realize that it's on a photo shopping entity but i don't care it's my eye

So what do u think? Are my eyes Green or Hazel i still think in that hazel but know i don't know
Green with a touch of hazel. hazel.

i can see the brown.

hazel eyes can be any brown/green or brown/blue More green that hazel.
There hazel.
Most of the color is green, but at hand is brown and other colors in it to.
I have hazel eyes but they are always brown, sickly, green, then blue on the outside. Thats just how they look. then depending on my mood you can see if in that more green or brown but thats all people really see.
Green would be if they were one solid color green.
but you own other colors so there hazel (: at a glance they are green.
if you really look, you can see the brown, so then they are hazel.

but this isnt even your eye...its a moment ago a picture. theres no way you could have found an IDENTICAL picture. Definitely green and SEXY as HELL!