Amblyopia (Lazy eye) surgery cost?

hey, im over 20 and i was wondering if anyone knew the how much it would cost to get my eye fixed next to surgery, in Australia?
Hi, I too have had surgery for my inactive eye, so I know just what you are about to go through and yes I live within Australia too.

Have you been able to ask your Specialist about costs etc, as they will know how to help you there.

I have private robustness cover, so I was able to have it done surrounded by a Private Hospital and I don't think it ended up costing me too much in the finishing.

As to what the first poster answered you, I had had a turned eye from when I was vastly young and back then the Doctor told my Mum that I would grow out of it. I never have my eye patched at any time, so that didn't help my eye at all and in the wind up I had to get my eye done because I had double delirium 95% of the time. I was 23 or 24 years old when I got my eye done.
Over 20 and still hold lazy eye? Every case of lazy eye I've see in the US was fixed by blocking the vision contained by the "good" eye forcing the lazy to work. It builds the muscles that control the eye but they were all little kids and it worked greatly well on all of them. I thought Australia had a wonderful Government medical system.

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