Words catch blurry sometimes when I'm reading?

When I'm reading, sometimes the words will get blurry. But when I look afar at something that's at a distance away from me, I can see fine, but once I look back at the words, they're blurry again. Basically, any kiond of small print appears blurry to me.

The thing is, I kinda own to force my eyes so the words don't appear blurry, sometimes I can't b/c it's really hard and it's kinda tiring for my eyes.
Does this mean I need goggles?
Go to the eye doctor and let him prefer.
me 2 one time when i was tired i was readin and the words starte making pictures an getting blurry itwas cool.
when i am really tired it happens to me.
Yes, you need to get see an optomotrist.
I am no eye doctor but it sounds like it is time for you to go see one. Maybe you do need goggles, and then again maybe you don't/ The only instrument that you will know for sure is if you make an appointment to see the doctor. Don't put it off, it is not worth it, you could be playing with your verbs.
ask an eye doctor
yes you could juss gain reading glasses they helped me out!

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