Why do my eyes hurt when I look up or down?

Why do my eyes hurt?
When my eyes look up, down, or sideways (in most directions) my eyes hurt. It's been like that for 4-5 days now. They didn't since. I was sick recently, but not like sick sick. Thanks.
And is in attendance anyway to make it better?
eye strain
ive had indistinguishable like your eyes hurt and they feel heavy dont verbs it will go. It happened to me once after the flu and i had it a few weeks put money on nothing to worry about it will travel. just get some sleep and aviod bright lights in your eyes

hope you win better x
go to a docotor dont listen to anybody here u necessitate an expert
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it could be anything from something simple to something serious. The only person that can give an account you is a doctor. When I have a sinus infection, this has happend to me, so call your doctor and catch someone to look at you! Source(s): I am an optician aO^O
you are tired...

get some sleep...
it might be a headache
it might be meningitis
go and see a doctor, meningitis kills
it could be from pressure in your head from when u were sick or it could be that u entail glasses cuz uve been straining ur eyes to see. if ur having trouble seeing walk to ur eye doctor.
eye muscle strain

2 solution :
adequate rest and full-blooded facade
I don't know what you have, but you should go to the eye doctor or the hospital. If you don't have that much money and can't afford experts you could shift to walmart. Walmart has eye doctors that can do the same thing as experts, at most minuscule the ones in Rochester, MN.
i used to always have that. i call it eye headache. lol just rest your eyes get some sleep.
IDK, just stop looking up or down

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