Eye contacts on roller coasters? Tips for specs to stay on during roller coasters?

Hahah, sorry if the question seems a little.... on the dumb side, but I'm kinda curious! And I'd resembling to know.

Is it okay to be wearing contact lenses and not worry about them while riding a roller coaster ride? Once they're in nearby, they stay in that spot, and nothing of that rolling to the backs of your eyes crap? Because I resembling to be able to keep my eyes open while going on a ride!

Also, any tips for someone wearing eyeglasses who wants to ride a roller coaster? (That's me again) but I always take them past its sell-by date, worrying that they may fly off during a drop, or a loop... Or is it JUST me, freaking out about these things?
As far as contacts,you should be fine.But for glasses,some theme parks may hold the strap for them so you can keep them on.I,however just take them sour,I don't want to risk losing them and not being able to see. Source(s): Going to an amusement park on Saturday and personal experience!
Aside from some wooden roller coasters, which are repeatedly very jarring, I haven't really had any problems near wearing glasses while riding on roller coasters. Just make sure they are properly adjusted so they don't come loose. If you're really concerned, you can try getting a strap to preserve them from flying off.
Your contacts wil stay in ok but will probably net your eyes sore from the wind drying your eyes out. You could put drops in after. Also you can buy a sport strap that goes onto the ending of your glasses and around the back of your head. You can buy them from glasswear stores, sunglass stores and some chemists.
Contacts are fine on a roller coaster.
Glasses do come off so you hold to put sticking plaster in the middle between your eyes to stick them on, making you look like a total idiot.
Contacts are better!!

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