Can two siblings own different eye colors?

basically, one has green, one has brown...i proly know some folks like that but it just popped into my head presently...
Yes they can, I have blue eyes and my sister has brown eyes.
Yes. Each person have different DNA compositions. The mother and father might have different eye colors so yeah, that's one. If they do have the same, their elder might not have the same eye colors so it's very possible. Sometimes a entity gets curly hair even if both parents have straight, this is because their grandparents might enjoy curly hairs or their great grandparents. ^^
Absolutely. My sister has bright blue eyes and mine are dark gray. My older daughter also have the gray eyes but her sister has light green eyes.
eye color based on genetic factors and between two siblings it is possible to have a small change in the patter en and color but not change color provided the parents are like
Definitely. My older bro has dark gray blue eyes, my sis have bright turqoise blue eyes, I have green and brown, and my little bro has a golden brown.
It's to do with how the alleles from respectively side of the parents recombine for each kid.
of course siblings can have different colored eyes.
i enjoy brown eyes and my sister has green.

why would you think that siblings HAD to have alike eye color.

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