Pseudophakia of the eye.?

What is the meaning of pseudophakia?
well pseudo manner there's a start
Generally speaking this meand a patient has has cataract surgery and have an intra ocular lens implant. Source(s): O^O
Ok. Let's break the word apart.

Pseudo means false or pretending to be somethig it is not.

Phakia means the condition of have a lens in the eye.

So, pseudo--phakia means having a lens surrounded by the eye BUT it isn't your own normal lens. It is a man made lens that has been implanted during cataract surgery to replace the lens the surgeon have removed. Source(s): Me. I am an optometric physician.
Pseudo means fictitious and phakia is fake, sounds fake to me.
Phakia means lens so within this case it means false lens. Are you referring to an artificial lens?

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