well i was cutting my nails and one flew in my eye... Think i got a finger nail in my eye?

well i was cutting my nails and one flew in my eye i think. It feels kinda irritating in the bottom corner (towards the ear) in my socket. It could be just water, but i don't know. I'm abit worried when i go to sleep i'll make it worse somehow. What do you think? i kinda don't understand if there was something in there, wouldn't it come out right away? i mean it was a finger nail? but then again it didn't fling into my eye, if i had to make a metaphor it kinda "swished" into my eye, kinda like basket ball. Ah damn this sucks
Answers:   If you can, have someone examine your eye for you. If they don't notice anything then chances are you don't have a finger nail in there.

The best thing you can do is to get some contact (saline) solution or eye drops and squeeze plenty into your eye to rinse out any foreign particles. Also, make sure not to rub or touch your eye at all, this is very important. Even if nothing is in your eye it can get irritated very easily and rubbing will only make it worse.
Whatever you do- Do not rub your eye. Even if it itches. Flush your eye with water.

If it really hurts, you might as well just poke your eye out! I'm kidding! don't do that.
if you pull the under eyes open you would be able to see there if anything was there and you could open it and flush it out with eye wash or simply water. but if u pull around ur eye and wash it completely out and nothing was there, then nothing was there cuz its probably nearly impossible for a particle to go behind ur eyes.

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