How much does a year supply of contacts cost?

i want 2 get contacts but im trying 2 find going on for how much they cost?? how much will it be if i kinda want them in blue??plzz sustain!

Answers:    it also depends on where you progress. i know here in san antonio, eyemart charges nearly 260, with the coupon within the paper, for close to a year supply with out a contact exam (which is required). try calling places and finding out.
Depends on the brand. Freshlook Color/Colorblends are $34.88/ box at walmart- a year supply would be $279.04
Remember that the actual lenses are solely part of the expense involved. You stipulation to factor in the monthly costs of solution to verbs and disenfect, re-wettinng drops, and cases. I think a right figure to budget is $20-$30 a month for these things.
i wear softmed contacts and theyre approaching..$19.99 for a box. theres 6 included. i usually get 2 boxes because my eyes hold different prescriptions so i spend $40 for 4 months (theyre biweekly).

and i guess that amounts up to $120 a year.

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