How to ruin your eyesight?

Me and my friends are debating about what things/activities ruin your eyesight the quickest and what people right to be heard do but actually do not. Please list adjectives activities from worse way to minimum eyesight loss and simply rumors. Cause we've all heard reading a book at dark, and wondering if that were true or not. Thanks. Please give as much info as possible.

Answers:    My younger sister ruined her eyesight by putting Vaseline/Petroleum Jelly on her eyes beforehand going to sleep! She would complain that she would get crust on her eyes and that is why she would use vaseline within her eyes.
I guess the vaseline would go into her eyes and that damaged them.

Here are more things:
1. Spraying pepper spray!! Your eyes burn!

2. Heating chiles on the stove!! It make your eyes burn!

3. Watching tv very close to the screen! Especially surrounded by the dark!

4. Starring at the sun for a long time! Your eyes will eventually get liquid!

5. Getting to close to the computer screen and reading the material on the eyeshade in the dark!!

6. Reading within the dark or a very dim pallid. Your eyes work alot to try to focus and recognize the letters.

7. Opening your eyes lower than water. Your eyes will hurt and they will turn red!

8. Being in hot heat like inside the house and then going outside hasty to cold temperature. It damages eyesight!!
Staring at the sun is probably the quickest way to unpromising eyesight besides actually poking your eyes out.

Someone told me that the optimum distance to read a book is one's elbow's length away. I am nearsighted and when I wear glasses my eyes own to focus to see at this distance. When I remove my glasses, my eyes naturally see at this distance lacking any strain. Though eyestrain is more likely to cause a headache than furthering a verbs condition.

I believe that reading in the dark is fine. You see what you see and that's that. Poor eyesight is usually inherent.
a) Read with minimum (15Lux) light and acquire your eyes turn tired and weak.

b) Watch TV/Monitor a long time within the close proximity and procure your eyes more tired and weaker.

c) Try reading very small letters for a long spell and get your eyes shrink their internal muscles to more weakening and deterioration.

d) Look at the sun directly and bring back your eyes done with it..!
things that can damage your eyes: staring at the sun or abiding lasers, chemical burns, trauma to the eye, trauma to any nerve or part of the brain specifically involved in visual processing

nearsightedness is determined by inheritance and doing nearwork while your eyes are growing, but obviously this varies within every person

things that do not damage your eyes: reading surrounded by the dark, computer screen rays, staring at the computer eyeshade (in the light or dark), watching tv, staring at a light bulb, wearing specs, not wearing glasses, trying on other people's glasses--all these things can cause eyestrain, aim the muscles around your eyes and the focusing muscles in your eye will get tired, but all along your eye, the shape of your cornea, your retina, your nerves, and your brain will remain unaffected, and hence your eyesight will remain unaffected
yes it does reading a book contained by low light cause your eye to strain to see the words. after doing it constantly your eyes become draw so you can't imagine far way that why you need eyeglasses to counteract it.

other are
use the computer too long
staring into the sun(or any other bright lights)
video game( appendage games)
using someone else glasses

-Staring at a screen/monitor too long
-Staring into the sun
-Staring at a lightbulb (when it is on)
-Jerking your head too much (Causes some entity in your eye to do something that can ruin your eyesight)

Please don't come up with the hypothesis of trying these things to prove that they work.
age will ruin your eyesight the most, and laser beams, chemicals, and if you have a team leader injury beacuse your eyes are connected to your brain. watching tv too close is a myth and other things will temporarily ruin your. IF YOU ARE REALLY CONCERNED SEE YOUR EYE DOCTOR. :) Anything that strains or hurts your eyes usually will damage it over time. Like when your eyes are focused on the computer screen for a long time, since the eyeshade is so close, or reading in a dark room because you own to work so hard to see the words on the page.
LASIK has ruined thousands of people's eyesight forever and it only takes twenty minutes. It have also improved other people's eyesight, but left them near painful, chronic dry eyes or night reverie disturbances. See to learn more. Well, the absolitely fastest way would be to get hold of a bad eye surgery or chemical exposure, or whatever. Also watching TV or individual at the computer in a very grey place.
Watching t.v/playing video games in the dark, reading a book surrounded by the dark, rubbing your eyes a lot, thats 10 and 9 i cant mull over of anything else I've heard sitting right in front of the tv. Or looking right into the sun.
Shine a bright oil lamp straight into your pupil swallow a grenade is one way, or you could stab yourself in the eyes if u dont want to take out yourself
look at direct sunlight

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