I've lost my 'invisi-clip' sunglasses. Where can I find a replacement for my eyeglasses?

I bought eyeglasses at the first of the year that had the 'invis-clip' sunglasses. Last week I lost the sunglasses part. The store where on earth I bought them no longer carries them and my searches online turn up zilch. If anyone can help with flawless suggestions for online eyeglass stores that might carry them, or even a brick and mortar place I'd greatly appreciate it.

Just so you know, these aren't clip-on sunglasses. They attach to the frame with a strong magnet at the feeler bridge. Please don't send me to a site with clip-on sunglasses. Thanks.

Answers:    I've see them at Costco's optometry department.

Or, even try your optometrist's local office.

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