Lazy Eye Hereditary!!?

My boyfriend has a lazy eye but its not that noticable unless you looking really rugged. The only time you can see it good is when its profoundly of light like really sunny outside . Any style I wanted to know since his condition isnt really that bad is it heritable if we was to have a child? My eyes are honest

Answers:    Strabismus (a crossed eye, wandering eye, or an eye that is higher than the other) tend to run in families but that doesn't niggardly if you have children together that your children are guaranteed to have strabismus.
It sounds similar to your boyfriend has strabismus rather than a slothful eye. Lazy eye (amblyopia) is when an eye does not learn to see and can't be corrected with eyeglasses, contacts, or surgery.

I own strabismus and I have a few other family member who also have it. It is possible that it could be passed to your offspring. No one surrounded by my immediate family have it. I asked my doctor about it since I am considering having children and he said in attendance is a possibility that it could be passed on. He suggested that when I have children to have their eyes examined and that an exam could be conducted when a child is smaller quantity than a year old. The earlier it is diagnosed, the better the casual that it can be corrected.

It is a treatable condition and does not really impact my life so I am not worried about it.
YES---genetically oriented---- to be exact about lazy eye ---what you are conversation is convergence insufficiency

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