My eyeglasses hurt my eyes?

I got glasses at the age of 16 almost 17 for driving. Because I'm to hand sighted badly in my moved out eye . I don't need them for anything other than reading the board and driving. But i singular wear them when I drive. When I wear them for more than a certain amount of time a little subsequently in the day my eyes hurt . Sometimes I get hold of a headache too. Is this because I never got used to the glasses or did I carry the wrong prescription. I don't drive very often or walk very far so I don't wear them much. I have have them for months. Sometimes both eyes hurt and sometimes one eye hurts. The glasses definitely comfort me see better. Is it possible that the glasses are making my vision worse?

Answers:    Time to carry your eyes re-checked. Simple as that. You should wear them ALL THE TIME. Your headaches are eyestrain because your eyes are getting tired.

You need them for more than purely driving. You need them to SEE your world in sharp clarity.

No, your eyeglasses are NOT making your vision worse. By flipping them on and off adjectives the time, you are making your eyesight problems worse.

Go back to your ophthalmologist for a check up. You may need your prescription in tune. When I was a teen my eyesight was shifting all the time and I had to achieve new prescriptions every six months! So, don't be surprised if you need contemporary lenses.

Be kind to your eyes. Wear your glasses adjectives the time you are awake!
I have the same problem. It sounds resembling your glasses are too strong. Either your eyes have gotten better so you don't stipulation glasses that are so strong or they have be like that from the start. I suggest that you go achieve your eyes checked by a specialist like I did. It's because u r not used to of it. You entail to wear your glasses a lot surrounded by order to get used to of it. There is zilch serious about it and it's better when u wear your glasses because it can assist ur vision better. Like it won't increase :-)
your vision is merely getting used to the glasses to get used to them you enjoy to wear it often. but if you dont like that freshly wear glasses when your at your house and probably a week later your trance will be fine with glasses! See your eye doctor and yes- specs can make your vision worse so lone use them when you really need to.
If you're glasses are too strong they could strain your eyes and raison d`¨ētre injury. Talk to your optometrist. consult your optomertrist
no it doesnt do anything but u might probably get it fixed, not the lens

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