My iris border isn't round... what's up?

I was of late at the eye doctor last week getting different contacts (the ones I have were really discomfited on my left eye) I hold a new trial set of two on right now, they're fine, but my not here eye was a touch blurry and felt strange approaching something was surrounded by it, so I went to look at it surrounded by the mirror, and I noticed the iris isn't totally round.

Think of two or three days after a full moon, how it's round, but there's for a time bit of a flat edge. That's what it looks close to. I don't remember noticing that in the past. Like I said, I was basically at the eye doctor, I asked him what's wrong with my departed eye and he kind of lately talked give or take a few the contact lens slipping.

I have an appointment to see the doctor this Friday, so I'm not solely relying on LasikAnswer.coms culture... obviously I'll catch a professional opinion, but does anyone hold any ideas right immediately?

Answers:    what do mean by iris?do you tight pupil?
Don't be angry,I advise you to be see by an ophthalmologist to examine you by slit lamp microscope to see if there's any inflammation inside especially of the iris(the pupil become smaller than the other one,and the eye get red),to check blood pressure of your eyes.Astigmatism is not a cause of your iris not man round.

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