Should you wear contacts next to a broken blood vessel within your eye?

I recently broke a blood vessel within my eye and am not sure if i should wear my contacts or not.

Answers:    If you have goggles, you should probably wear them instead just because it might cast a shadow on it so people won't identify as much. I've looked it up and no sites have said you can't wear contacts. It's not an infection so your contacts will be fine. The blood might start to pool around the edges of the contact though and you might hold some dry eye where it might have a feeling scratchy. You should call up your eye docs bureau and make sure though that it's okay to do so. Wearing contacts might slow down the medicinal process too. Good Luck!
Well David B. I have come across this earlier in my short profession as a small time doctor. I have notice the agitated eye and the blood vessel that seems to enjoy been broken. What I enjoy prescribed to my patients is a new medical control over broken vessels surrounded by the eye. It may be hard to pronounce and you should prolly ask your doctor if you may be allergic but it's call Suckitup. I highly recommend it within your case and knowing a short time about your medical history.
haha i own the same issue right presently i woke up with broken blood vessell but dont know why. no u cant wear contacts because it might catch infected and you might go i construe we will both will be wearing glasses for the subsequent few weeks : (

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