Stick hit eye,burst blood vessel- do i entail to see an eye doctor?

Stick hit my eye in white factor and now its red and looks resembling a blood vessel may have popped , since its red directly at the point of impact.

*it does NOT hurt , so thats why i am wondering if it will restore to health up on its own .


Answers:    The risk would be if you scratched your eye. Foliage carries alot of fungi explicitly dangerous to the eye. If you have an abrasion, you would know it because it is painful. The other risk, as beside any blow to the eye, is that you can tear or detach the retina. You hold to hit it pretty hard though, and you would see floaters/flashing lights/dark veil across your delirium.

As long as your only symptom is the broken blood vessel, you are fine and do not have need of to see a Dr. The blood vessels on your eye are like peas in a pod as anywhere else on your body, you just don't hold the skin to cover the broken blood vessel/bruise.

There is nothing a Dr. can do for it, they will update you to use artificial tears if it feels a moment or two scratchy, maybe cold compresses if it make you feel better.
see a doctor u better be sheltered than srry
Better safe than sorry.
See a doctor.
I reckon you should go see an eye doctor a short time ago to see how much damage be actually cause by the stick because it could be worse than it looks.
Not really but to be on the safe side you should hold the Eye Doctor check it out.
As long as your vision is ok and you don't hold any pain, free blood in reality coming from the eye, or other symptoms besides the redness, there's a pious chance it will alleviate on its own. Give it a day or so. You know how sometimes if get hold of smoke or dust in your eyes, they receive all red from the irritation? The same piece is probably happening right immediately, just within one spot instead of the entire eye.
nope you should be fine
sometimes when people concentrate really complicated you can pop the "vein"

so i dont think u popped a vessel
unless it squirted out of ur eye
No don't step to a someone that make glass eyes and engineer an appointment..Of course go to the ER
Dude, unsurprisingly you have to see a doctor!
yes you requirement to see a doctor. if you dont do something about it it can affect your eye forever.
it may not hurt but it can motive permanent disrupt
SEE A DOCTOR! Do you really want to take likelihood with your hallucination?
Definitely see an eye doctor as soon as possible. There could be complications within the eye.

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