What are piercing eyes??

Piercing eyes? what do they look like.. Are they a spefic color, and why do citizens find it intimating...i tend to stare alot at people, and folks told me i have piercing eyes. (i could report it makes afterwards uncomfortable). WHY ARE THEY?

Answers:    Well, not alot of people tend to form eye to eye contact anymore, Id love to have a conversation next to you ^_^ I have intimidating eyes too. I regard as darker eyes classify as "piercing" though, because not a soul has ever said mine be piercing, but it does tend to frighten some when I look them directly in the eyes. I hope this help
Piercing eyes, are normally big and bright near colour.
I would say blue/green eyes can be the most piercing, although dim ones can be to. It is an intense stare, or an intense colour.

This woman has gorgeous eyes
Your eyes sparkle and come across to look through people instead of at them. Don't verbs about it. A lot of ancestors find this attractive. Color of your eyes has nil to do with it.
It method that your eyes are piercing, it's not a color. It just system that your eyes are unique and Wicked is the solely word that comes to mind. Meaning that your eyes make you stand out more. Nothing fruitless about it. It's a compliment.
Am other amazed at some of these answers. Piercing eyes are eyes that 'seem' to be able to see right 'through' you. Or through someone. It's as if they can see "inside" the other character, hence "piercing".
i think the concept truly comes out when the individual seeing this forms a emotional attachment to the human being. THen the true meaning of piercing eyes comes out, where on earth looking into them puts you in a trance. And at times it is newly too strong that you have to look away so that you don't break.


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