Which eyeglasses plastic lens entrepreneur is better, Hoya or Essilor?

I want to buy a new prescription eyeglasses, but i can't prefer which lens to buy.. Everyone said that Rodenstock is the best but it's way over my budget..

So which is better, Hoya or Essilor?

Oh yeah, score resistant is the most important point for me..

Thx everyone!

Answers:    In my professional feelings, Essilor lenses are the best. They are the people who brought the Varilux and revolutionized progressive lenses. I fit most of my patients next to Essilor lenses; the make the Varilux Comfort, the Natural, and the Ellipse, which are adjectives fantasic lenses in my experience. All of their lenses are available within plastic, hi-index plastic, polycarb, and glass. They are also available surrounded by Transitions.

Essilor also has fabulous lens coatings. Their Crizal, and Crizal Alize are within my opinion, the best anti-reflactive lens treatments available. They are manager and shoulders above any other coating that I have worked near as far as durability is concerned. They also have the TD2, which is a tough, durable, and 2-sided lens protection for scratch that carries an awesome warranty.

You do reimburse a little more for some Essilor products, but to me, its worth it to take a good lens that will gratify my needs and my lifestyle.
Essilor. They hold broader selection of lenses
it depends, im assuming you're getting progressive lenses?

I see plentifully more people that own essilor lenses than hoya at work, although if someone is looking for a less ecpensive lens we usually bestow them an alternative called pro undemanding.

Zeiss lenses are also very hugely good (sorry to join another choice there for you) its usually personal nouns which lens you want to go for depending on the lens features and benefits, im not sure which particualr lenses you are conversation about, so i cant budge into details. but whichever lens you go for gross sure you get an anti reflective coating, and if you enjoy a higher prescription a hi-index lens.

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