Winking, I can't wink my right eye?

I can blink both eyes, but when it comes to closing just one at a time, I can't close my right eye and depart my left eye begin. I can close my left eye and set out my right eye open, but for some grounds my right eye can't. Any reason why? What do you estimate?

Answers:    Lol it's nothing serious :)

When I be little, I couldn't wink with my right eye either--but my mother could. Stupid as it sounds, I started practicing and in a minute I can wink with both eyes XD;

It's approaching snapping--some people get hold of it right off the bat near both hands, some associates can snap with one and only one hand, and some can't at adjectives. :p Just practice whenever you're bored, like when you're waiting contained by a long line or something...
although idk D: if you hang on to practice winking contained by line, the guy surrounded by front of you might think you're giving him signs.

Good luck!
I can't wink on my vanished for some reason and I THINK they're from two reason:

* We can only wink next to one eye


* We only wink on the side according to the paw we write with.

I'm 16 and not an optician or anything but that's what I consider.
Both eyes are on the same effrontery. They both wink at the same time unless one is inhibited. You own lost the ability to inhibit the closing of the vanished eye.

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